Enable the new, by supporting the old

Workspace 365 brings together web & legacy applications using role based access. Simplify Office 365 and create a workspace for any device.

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Offer new and old applications & document solutions within one workspace

Many companies move to Office 365, but still need legacy applications & file servers. Bundle these in one workspace, so that your custromer can easily access local-, web- or Windows applications, their file server and cloud document solution.

Integrate the old file server with Office 365 in a simplifying Document management app

An intuitive user-interface for more structure and simplicity on your documents.

Simplify access to old and new applications with SSO

Users reach web- and Windows applications* within one click, without having to log in to each application. With single sign-on you don’t have to worry about password management.

*Using Azure Active Directory for web apps & our Clientless RDP for hosted Windows applications. Availability depends on the application & device.

Bring data to the crowd

Simply show info on the workspace. In one overview users see their unread messages, appointments, news items, recent edited documents and more based upon their role.

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Your services, in your workspace, hosted where you want

Easily set up workspaces for customers within minutes. You can choose where you wish to host the fully customizable workspace.

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  • Tech & PoC support: We always help with the first customers in order to train your team on-the-job


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