Save time and effort with the easiest workspace

Workspace 365 is a complete and incredibly simple workspace for small and large organisations.

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Everything available from one central startingpoint

Simplify the access to information and applications on any device using Workspace 365’s beautiful interface. In just a few clicks you can make email, document, news, applications, and any process, like activities or time registrations, available for groups or individuals. One workspace as a startingpoint!

Single Sign-On

Log in once to access your applications in a single click.

Role-based access to any application

Easily start any application (web-, local-
and hosted apps) from one central starting point.

Combine information

Quick insights in your calendar, news, mail, documents and more with live tiles.


Simplify document management

Get a friendly user-interface on applications like
Office 365, SharePoint, file servers and more.

Hybrid workspace

Integrate your current services (hosted desktop/
file server) and move to the cloud in stages.

Usable on any device

Reach all your applications, documents and information
from one digital workspace on any device.

Simplify your workspace

Discover the quickest way to simplify access and usability of all your applications. Simplified access to your applications? Take the next step, combine information from third party applications and offer a personalised dashboard.

Workspace 365: Online workspace

The new way of working

With HTML5 Workspace 365 is available anytime and anywhere.

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People use Workspace 365 on a daily base

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Together with our partners we help more than 50.000 people

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Current customers on Workspace 365

“The Workspace 365 concept offers Fundis employees a user friendly workspace which is available on any device, at any time.”

Saskia Otten

Manager Backoffice, Fundis Services

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